Investment Process


Peak Partners constantly evaluates trends in macro-economic indicators and asset class prices to identify investment opportunities. The firm´s research team screens a broad universe of investable funds and asset class instruments to implement their investment views. Our rigorous Due Diligence on an ongoing basis process includes qualitative, quantitative and operational analyses and ensures the selection of best in class investment managers in various strategies.

Portfolio Construction

Our portfolio construction process is the end product of our investment process and uses quantitative analysis to optimize effective short and long allocations under specific sets of investment guidelines and constraints. Once the objectives are established, our Strategic Asset Allocation process then seeks to find the portfolio long-term weights and ranges that are most likely to result in attaining the return-risk targets. This is done through, diversification and other risk management tools.

Risk Management

Peak Partners continuously monitors different sources of portfolio risks such as investment risk and enterprise risk. Our risk policies aim to identify and implement industry standard “best practices”. These include continuous monitoring of asset specific risks (such as structural risks, style drift risk, etc.), factor risks, liquidity risks, regulatory compliance and operating procedures.